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EAYSOFT S.A. is the leader in technological technological services for the financial sector in Ecuador. Throughout its 20 years of experience in the development of technological solutions, EAYSOFT S.A. has has built a robust platform called EASYCASHCORE called EASYCASHCORE® that allows a comprehensive financial management with: Corporate Banking, CashManagement, Collections, Payments, Financing, Surplus and Contactless Operations., allowsthus allowing, financial institutions to digitize their to digitize their processes and become the business center for companies and all their stakeholders.. Thanks to this, Easysoft has been able to position itself with a market share of 85% in the Ecuadorian with a market share of 85% in the Ecuadorian market and has has expanded to 4 countries in the region; Panama, Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

Our objective...

Empowering financial institutions to respond to customer needs while generating new business opportunities and increasing their profitability. 

We develop...

State-of-the-art omnichannel digital banking services that allow you to manage and create an ideal user experience for any bank, company or individual.  

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